Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You can call me green bean

I started this blog in 2004 as a means to basically rant about frustrations whilst researching my dissertation (we didn't have Twitter or Facebook then and my parents weren't on myspace).

I wasn't able to much blog about the details of work I was involved with because those are secrets that aren't mine to give away, though I could do stuff about recording specific things (pasta! all the doors in a museum! dropping a chandelier in a theatre! * ) although I could promote the heck out of things after they were released.

Anyway, in the last year a lot of what I've been doing has been teaching and I really can't blog too much about that as it would be a violation of all sorts of trust, even whilst my students are putting their best work on SoundCloud. I'll come to some decision about what I do with that in due course, there's a social media policy I need to read carefully and then endeavour not to violate.

ANNNYWAY, I also got married recently. Last Saturday, in fact. So there's some stuff I should probably say about that. I'm off this week so I'm going to whiz through that just now in the name of content and I'll see how I feel about trying to write in this regularly again.

Whilst we were busy getting married, College Humor posted this handy guide to planning a wedding

* I dropped it about 15 cm (half a foot), don't get too excited.

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