Thursday, August 17, 2017

Once these things really get started it's jolly hard to stop them again

What with working first making things that I wasn't allowed to talk about until they were released, and then in education where I'm not allowed to talk about my work very much at all, I haven't really had much use of this blog in recent years.

Due to some reasons this is probably going to be last post I put up here, if not the last blog post I ever write.

This is a slightly edited e-mail I wrote to my colleagues earlier this week. It's probably the thing most-similar to a blog update I've had cause to write in a while.


I think I’ve spoken to most of you in person about this (sorry if I haven't: it's not personal), but to summarise: I have for the last year or so been planning to do one of those gender transitions.

That sounds frivolous but this isn’t something I’ve arrived at easily by any means.

I might have vaguely said to you that I’m progressing towards things. For lots of reasons it makes sense to do this during the summer break. Some of you will have seen that I came out on social media last weekend.

What happens next for me is that at some point in the next few months I will begin attending appointments at the Nottingham Gender Identity Clinic to begin medical treatment – this is likely to involve hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and vocal training. I've already been having counselling and facial electrolysis privately.

It speeds things up in terms of the NHS pathway if I’ve changed my name and am “presenting as female” full-time before I get that first appointment at the clinic. So part of that is starting this week.

As of tomorrow my name will legally be Thea Cochrane, and I’ll be doing the admin to get everything sorted around that (bank, passport, etc) moving from there. That obviously means my e-mail address and so on here will have to change. I’m hopeful we can arrange a redirect so that e-mails don't get lost.

I'm also going to start following the female uniform policy as much as possible, and there may be some makeup and stuff. I know I’m going to get some stuff wrong as I start, but I have to start somewhere. To be honest I'm more worried about getting the bus than how things are with you all here at work.

Thanks for reading this far. After years and years of not telling people about this stuff it feels quite odd to be writing it.

TL;DR - I’m changing my name to Thea and there’s a strong chance that by Christmas I might work up the courage to wear a dress to work.

I've set this to send to you all on BCC, so if you reply it just goes to me.

If/ when I blog more, I'll put a link here and then that'll be that. Thank you for reading.

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